Welcome to Wyoming

So when the sign says "Moose in area next 1 mi" you think...  "Are they serious?" Why only 1 mile? Do the Moose know to stay in this small region? 

Moose eats tree

Moose eats tree

Well, yeah... Apparently they do know to stay in this swath of land. 

Jackson Hole! 

I had never been to this ski hill and happily it seems to offer some great diversity in its terrain. We spend all morning running Thunder up and down, me on the blacks and Margaret staying true on the blues. She's working to be that stellar ski bunny I always wanted. And she's a damn fine skier none the less.

Day two ended in somewhat of a bust. There was promise, rain at the base meant snow at the top and sure enough there were some nice flakes falling. Sadly after about 2 hours of wonderful, yet a bit heavy snow, the winds came to life. Up top that meant the slow and painful closure of lift after lift. Back at home base, Margaret was battling the winds as they took our galley awning over the top of Teardrop and landed unsuccessfully upside down. Two bent poles was all it costs, could have been worse for sure.

I made it down the mountain after a very, very slow ascent up Thunder lift I skied down to the bottom being blown left and right, snow moving in every direction. Regardless I love the trees and as always, skiing in them is the best place during a storm.