Winter Teardropping: what I wear

It's April and we're thawing out with some snow skiing at Beaver Creek, Colorado. Let's reflect, shall we?

It turns out, the full time outdoor outdoor teardrop lifestyle is one of wind, sun, cold, rain, snow, darkness, and everything else Mother Nature delivers. I love being outdoors, but this is on a whole new level! Weather exposure is constant and pervasive. It took me a month to figure out my thresholds. We have slept in sub 20 degree temps in teardrop. We have done cast iron cooking in gusty winds. I washed my hair in snow flurries. But everything gets done slower in freezing cold temps and exposure happens fast. Activities are paired down to the essentials. Eat, sleep, hygiene, etc.

I learned to dress warmer before I get painfully cold. So for example, if it's under 40 degrees Fahrenheit and windy, and I'm around camp, I wear the full monte: Mountain Hardware coat, hat, merino wool scarf and/or buff, Patagonia capalene 4 base layers plus midlayers on top and bottom, gloves, snow pants, sock liners and socks, and Solomon winter backpacking boots (men's). I have three pairs of gloves, plus Caprendoose mitts, and Pearl Izumi running gloves. I am set for all situations, which is important since my hands become painfully cold when it's ice cold indoors and out. My neck buff had been a lifesaver. So has my triangle loom shawl, which can be worn several ways. Besides being beautiful, these woolen knits and woven things are warm and cozy. Important to touch and feel the sensation of soft and colorful wool. Solomon is my go-to brand for backpacking boots and trail runners. They have a roomy toebox and a good base of support. 

Big winter coats will rub up against the teardrop exterior when you're working at the galley. Wear an apron while cooking and washing dishes. I'm so glad I have mine! A lady needs to retain some of her lady qualities and wearing my apron is one of them (in addition to being practical).

Cold is different than coooold. I have 3 winter hats, good for various temperatures. I love my pink Outdoor Research hat, but my warmest hat is a double knit beret from Mom. Wool is awesome to sleep in. Except for a 12V heated mattress pad (for RVs), Terradrop is not heated. "Hair by hat" means if my hair is wet, the hat goes on to keep me warm and my hair will dry at will. My hair will freeze before it dries on its own, so hair by hat it is. Remember all the time I spent styling my hair? Well, that's gone. But thanks to Rob at Double O Salon in Los Angeles, I have the perfect cut for this new thing. I don't look in the mirror too often, it's just better that way. Besides, I'm often wearing a hat!

There's so much more to say on the subject of how to teardrop in the winter, such as cooking and eating. Sometime, ask me about our first winter dinners. So charming.