Vogel Canyon, Comanche National Grasslands....

We left Comanche National Grasslands with new experiences, visiting such a historical location for Mexicans, Native Americans and even ranchers. What you see driving through the grasslands is nothing compared to the scenes you'll reach on foot. The canyons, Vogel and Picketwire the two we hiked, are fantastic discoveries. Not just for us, but I'm sure the people who occupied it for so long before Teardrop's arrival.

So after three days of enjoying Pronghorn on the horizon and Falcons take flight through the canyons, we headed North to Beaver Creek State Park. We read about some BLM land near the trailhead for the State Wildlife Area, but following the instructions we ended up at a large parking area with clear NO CAMPING signage. Without cell service we were forced back down the road, confirming each side road was simply a closed gate. As we made our way back to where we began, private land and No Trespassing signs everywhere. Calling the local BLM office wasn't a huge amount of help as we seemed to be hunting a location that didn't really offer camping. Not detoured we headed up Phantom Canyon and found a lovely spot near the creek.


Day two here was spent running errands and using up our REI dividend in Colorado Springs. I got the side table I'd been eyeing, Margaret got new trail runners. After a few other stops, we head back home. Weather was moving in, but decided to cook a proper meal regardless. Pork chops, kale and wild rice was in order. As soon as the rice was put on the stove, snow came quickly. We put everything away, hunkered in our CVT awning room and enjoyed a cocktail while the rice cooked and the snow fell. What a spectacular event.

The snow fled and we finished cooking dinner.

Morning came to a light dusting of snow, sun and the calm sound of water running over the rocks... The start of another amazing day in the great outdoors with Teardrop and each other.