Repairs happen

The message here is not about maintenance. But be sure to check your bolts, attachments, welds, connections and moving parts y'all. Especially if you're off road as much as we are. In four months we put some 15,000 miles on the rig. In snow and rain, both in freezing and very high temps. Dirt, gravel, mud, water, ice, bugs-- all of it.

We recently some unplanned time in Rossville, Georgia counting our lucky stars that Charlie was at the Tearjerkers gathering and he runs a local company called Metalcraft.

We also had an emergency stop in Seguin, Texas as the Jet Welding shop helped us out. Bubba, Duke and Jeremy really made our day. It's during those unexpected detours that David and I get to know people a bit and learn about them. It's fun to find commonalities and differences. Bubba's dad and I share the same birthday. Bubba also writes music and plays the guitar. As soon as I have a CD player, I'll listen to his cd he gave me.

I really want to slow the miles down. Find out more about Americans, and spend less time alone. We both do. And moving forward, it won't happen just because of a necessary repair. 

From left to right, Bubba, Duke and Jeremy from Jet Welding

From left to right, Bubba, Duke and Jeremy from Jet Welding