Margaret grew up on a dairy goat farm and she was a girl scout and 4-H member. Prior to coming to West Virginia, she ran nonprofits and public sector programs in Los Angeles and Arizona. She is an avid outdoors woman, back packer and arts enthusiast. She loves foraging for food, marveling at the night sky, watching the behavior of water, and being a part of nature. Margaret admires the ability of artists and craftsmen to interpret ideas, form objects and create objects that cause us to reflect on who we are and to imagine what we want in life. Margaret believes that to see through a creative lens is the best way to learn about complex ideas in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Every day at Poe Run, she is reminded that nature is the most resilient and balanced of all systems, from which we have much to learn if we just pay attention. Margaret completed the Permaculture Design Course in Arizona in 2007. She has her Master’s degree in Art History and 25 years experience in arts administration, grant writing, program development, project management and strategic planning and cross-sector partnerships.