Visiting Poe Run

To visit our little piece of Appalachia is a treat for those who appreciate nature, Americana and quietude. Join us for art, food, nature, and community activities with artists, creative minds and fellow humans. Be prepared for a hilly landscape, flushless toilet, limited running water, farm animals and wildlife.

Please Note: We are a small operation, we kindly ask that you contact us in advance.

Better yet visit us for a scheduled activity, such as an event or booked stay.

Community activities


Save the Date

National Seed Swap Day

Join us Saturday, January 25, 2020 to discover new seeds and gardening tips, trade with friends. Be sure you’re on our mailing list to learn more as we get closer to the day of the event

May 19, 2018 Spring Ephemerals Walk

May 19, 2018 Spring Ephemerals Walk

Pick your own Blueberries, ramps, blackberries. Sign up for our mailing list to hear about when to come out for pick-your-own. If you’re looking to gather enough berries for a pie and have a mountainside experience, you’ve come to the right place.


Guests have the opportunity to explore and experience a partially off-the-grid homestead and property under renovation. You are guaranteed an unparalleled experience in a home that looks and functions differently from typical homes. It is sited at the top of a hollow on a hillside at 2,600 foot elevation. Proper shoes and the ability to climb a ladder to the guest room are required.

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Campers bring your tents or 4WD rooftop tents to a dramatic rolling landscape and dense biodynamic forests teeming with wildlife. Our campsites are primitive. This property is not for the faint of heart or those with medical conditions. It is hilly terrain with a 400+ foot elevation change top to bottom.


Here you’ll find information we have learned first hand owning and restoring a back-to-the-land homestead. Although our property is not exactly the same as yours, hopefully we will be able to provide some interesting details as we renovate our home in mountains of West Virginia


About Our Water

Potable water comes from a natural spring on our land. Because our drinking water comes straight from an underground aquifer, we do filter it using a Berkey water filter. Though there is running water in the house at the kitchen sink for washing hands and dishes, during the dryer months we do haul water from a lower springbox & cistern for bathing and watering plants & animals so it is very important that we and our guest conserve water whenever possible. Additionally rain water is harvested for watering animals and plants when possible. Hot water is derived from either our propane stove or in the winter we always have a large pot of water heating.

WOOFer Max helping winterize our colonies by adding insulation and giving our hives a “tilt”


Winter is pretty quiet at a hive. When the temps drop below 50F the bees cluster in the hive to conserve energy and stay warm. We started our colonies in 2018 so being our first winter with them you can see some of the things we did to winterize our hives.



Our Khaki Campbell ducks are in winter egg production which means less eggs and more food we have to provide to them as they can’t very well forage with frozen ground and snow. As soon as we are back up to speed we’ll have plenty of free-range eggs for your enjoyment. Please contact us if you are interested


Maple Syrup

It’s time for the maple sap to run in West Virginia which means collecting and boiling sap. We like to think ours is something special, to learn more about the process and tasting notes from our 2019 batches follow the link below.

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