Parts + Labor

We strive to serve any and all members of the general public, family, friends, academicians, thought leaders, community leaders, and any one else looking for space to breath, shift gears, or be surrounded by nature, learn something new, see art everywhere, or simply break bread.

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Farm to School

We believe all school children have the right to nutritious locally grown food and to be educated about how to grow their own food. Through a partnership with the West Virginia Department of Education Child Nutrition Program, Randolph County Board of Education, North Elementary and the WV Cooperative Extension office, we are working to bring replicable Farm to School programming to Randolph County.


High Tunnel

Through a US Department of Agriculture (USDA) NRCS grant, we are planning for a high tunnel to extend our growing seasons and increase our capacity to share our food at the farmers market and schools.


Maple Season

We love maple season as the cool nights and warmer days cause the sap within the trees, we mostly care about the Sugar Maple, start to move from the roots where it is stored over the cold winter up the trunk and into the branches to supply nutrients to grow. By tapping the tree with a small hole, we are able to extract a small amount of this sap, which is hopefully crystal clear “water” and convert it into syrup.


Homestead Renovation

In 2019, we’re planning to put a new roof and siding on Carter House. We’ll be using Zip Systems sheathing to create a rain screen and replacing the oak siding with a bit more forgiving hemlock board and batten. Built by the the previous owners, the Carters, with their friends and family during the 1970s and 80s, the homestead reflects the American back-to-the-land movement, in which people left the cities in favor of a simpler lifestyle in a rural environment where they could grow their own food and raise their children.