Winterizing Bee Hives

2018 was our first year keeping honey bees, so the 2018/19 winter is our first attempt and keeping our colonies happy until the temperature warms up and the fauna starts to bloom in a few months. With the help of some fellow beekeeper and S&T Bees we implemented the following plans


Insulation & Wind Break

We added 1/2” sound board to the top of each hive and a 6ft high wall of scrap tin roofing we had laying around.



As it seems to be impossible to keep all the moisture out of your hive, it’s important to “tilt” the hive to allow any condensation to have an escape path out of the hive. We used a 1-1/2” square wood block to achieve the height we wanted



Late fall we provided Pro-sweet to bulk up the winter honey stores and then moved to homemade fondant